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mojoe™ — Mobile Single Serve Brewer

$ 149.99
mojoe™ — Mobile Single Serve Brewer

mojoe™ — Mobile Single Serve Brewer

$ 149.99
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  • You know what really sucks about coffee on the go? It's not really on the go — you have to stop and wait in a long line for a simple cup of coffee from a franchise that really wants you to buy frappuccinos — or gas.

    The mojoe™ Mobile Brewer is a travel mug-sized single-serve coffee maker that saves you time and money getting coffee on the go so that you can spend it on what really matters. Using our patent-pending portable brewing technology, mojoe™ brews fresh, hot coffee wherever, whenever you want. When you’re done brewing, enjoy your delicious brew directly from the mojoe™ — or pour it into a cup, fill ‘er back up, and brew one for a friend.


    • Built-in heating technology means you don’t have to worry about finding hot water in order to brew
    • Brew with your favorite coffee brand or experience ultra-convenience with our biodegradable disposable coffee capsules — coming soon
    • Car, wall, and battery power options provide the freedom to brew practically anywhere
    • A self-cleaning feature creates a no-hassle, easy way to clean mojoe™ on the go

    INCLUDED: mojoe™ 12V Car Adapter, mojoe™ Reusable Filter

    NOT INCLUDED: mojoe™ 110/220V Wall Adapter


    • The mojoe™ Mobile Brewer is designed to deliver a convenient, high-quality on-the-go coffee experience using innovative engineering design and proper coffee brewing techniques:

      Total Volume: 17.5 oz (9 oz water, 8.5 oz water)

      Material: 100% BPA-Free Food Grade Plastic

      Size: 2.9”D x 11”H

      Power Ratings: 12V, 10A AC

      Other Features:

      • Perfect Water-to-Coffee Ratio
      • Self-Cleaning Capability for a Grime-Free Device
      • Leak-Proof Drinking Cap for Stain-Free Shirts
      • Heat Resistant Hand Grip for Ouch-Free Hands
      • Durable, Travel-Proof Outer Body for Drops & Tumbles
      • Cup Holder Optimized Base Designed For Your Car
    • When will the mojoe™ be available?

      mojoe™ will be shipping in 2019. Sign up for our newsletter to receive product updates.

      Can I add cream and sugar?

      You certainly can. Just add cream and sugar to your mojoe™ before — or after you brew. Swirl to stir and enjoy.

      Does the mojoe™ only brew coffee?

      Nope! You can also enjoy freshly brewed tea or hot chocolate on-the-go with mojoe™.

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