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Familiarity. Redesigned.

Introducing VacDrip™ Brewing Technology

Since 2014, we've been thinking about you, the coffee drinker. Why is it when you have to get coffee you have to sacrifice productivity, waste time and waste money? Well, you don't, and that's the problem we set out to solve — we wanted to rethink the way you get coffee on the go with a true mobile coffee maker.

We knew it was going to save you time, and we knew it was going to save you money. But, was it going to brew great coffee? The answer is yes! Because we designed the VacDrip™ Brewing System from the ground up.

Why? Because your coffee maker at home typically uses pumps, and motors to move the water around in the system. Pumps and motors were first out the window when we were thinking mobility.

Water Goes In, Coffee Comes Out.

Your surroundings may change throughout the day so grab the bottle of water from your car or use the water fountain at your office. No matter the temperature, pour water into the wide mouth opening of the water reservoir and know that mojoe™ heats your water to the perfect brewing temperature of 200°F.

Why? Water under 195° F coffee will turn up under-extracted and will taste sour. This is because the acids in the beans are extracted at lower temperatures. Over 205° F coffee will be over-extracted and taste bitter.

Coffee. Made. Personal.

Use your own coffee or tea, and adjust the brew to your liking — strong, light, or somewhere in between — you have the choice. Use mojoe™ with your mojoe™ Reusable Filter, and your favorite ground coffee, tea bag, or loose tea for a personal touch. Or drop in a To-Go Cup™, our biodegradable fresh coffee capsule, for maximum convenience.

Why? When you're on the go flexibility is key, and sometimes when you want coffee you have to settle for what's available. But you didn't get where you are by settling. You chose your path. So choose your next brew — coffee or tea, capsule or reusable filter. It's up to you and your lifestyle.

Fresh Coffee. At The Push Of A Button.

The idea behind mojoe™, hasn't changed, to build a true mobile coffee maker. Mobility means on the go, where conditions and settings change. First, you’re in your car, then you’re at the office, now you’re in a meeting. The coffee shop was a 5-minute walk, but that's from door to door, what about the line, and all the people you see in between?

Avoid the hassle of finding the closest coffee shop, or drinking 6-hour-old coffee. Use the 12V Car adapter, 110/220V Wall adapter, or Rechargeable Battery with your mojoe™ and brew where ever you are.

All-In-One, But Completely Separate.

Thanks to separate reservoirs in mojoe™, you can prep mojoe™ ahead of time - there’s also plenty of room for cream and sugar. mojoe™ heats your water and brews your coffee in about 7-10 minutes. That gives you plenty of time to focus on whats important, whether your commuting or at your desk, not standing in line. When done brewing, drink straight from the mug or pour into your favorite cup and start another fresh hot brew.