All Convenience, Without Comprising On Quality

Redefining The Coffee Maker

The portability of mojoe™ is a no brainer — get your coffee whenever, wherever you want — no waiting, no going without. Change the way you think about coffee on the go.

The Familiarity Of A Drip Coffee Maker — Repackaged

mojoe™ was designed to be used effortlessly and blend in with your day. Whether your commuting to work, or on a 2-week long roadtrip, use mojoe™ seamlessly.

water bottle icon

Any Water Temperature

Your surroundings change. Grab the bottle of water from your car or use the water fountain at your office. No matter the temperature, know that mojoe™ heats your water to the perfect brewing temperature of 200°F.

coffee bean

Fresh Coffee & Tea

Use your own coffee or tea, and adjust the brew to your liking—strong or light—you have that choice. Use mojoe™ with your mojoe™ Reusable Filter, and your favorite ground coffee, tea bag, or loose tea for maximum convenience.

battery icon

Power Options

First, you’re in car, then you’re at the office, now you’re in a meeting. Avoid the hassle of finding the closest coffee shop, or drinking 6-hour-old coffee. Use the 12V Car adapter, 110/220V Wall adapter, or Rechargeable Battery, the choice is yours.

separate reservoirs icon

Separate Reservoirs

You don’t put shoes on before socks. So why mix coffee & water before you’re ready to brew. Like your coffee maker at home, your water and coffee are separate. These two only mix on your command. It’s socks and then shoes.

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