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Familiarity, Redesigned.

Since 2014, we've been thinking about you, the coffee drinker. When you have to get coffee, you usually have to sacrifice productivity, waste time, and waste money — why is that? Well, you don't, and that's the problem we have set out to solve — we wanted to rethink the way you get coffee on the go with a truly mobile coffee maker.

Thanks to the dual-reservoir system and VacDrip™ Brewing Technology, you can add any temperature water to the water reservoir and the mojoe™ will heat it to coffee brewing temperature .

The mojoe™ Reusable Filter has a built in spoon for you to easily add your own coffee, or drop in a mojoe™ To Go Cup for ultra-convenience and great tasting coffee.

Multiple power options allow you to brew almost anywhere, and LED’s notify you when the mojoe™ is ready to brew, finished brewing, and at a comfortable drinking temperature.

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How It Works

Imagine your drip coffee maker crammed inside of a travel mug.

Add Water

Thanks to the dual-reservoir system and breakthrough brewing technology in mojoe™, you can add any temperature water to the water reservoir.

Add Coffee

The mojoe™ Reusable Filter comes with a spoon underneath the filter lid. Now, you can adjust the amount of ground coffee on the fly to tailor the brew to your taste.

Plug In & Brew

Multiple power options get you going, and LEDs notify you when it's ready to brew, finished brewing, and at a comfortable drinking temperature.

Heat Room Temperature Water To 200℉

Your surroundings change throughout the day, so hot water is not always readily available. Water under 195° F coffee will turn up under-extracted and taste sour; this is because the acids in the beans are extracted at lower temperatures. No matter the temperature, the mojoe™ heats your water to the perfect brewing temperature of 200°F.

Use Your Own Coffee Or Tea

Use your own coffee or tea, and adjust the brew to your liking — strong, light, or somewhere in between — you have the choice. For added convenience, drop in a mojoe™ To-Go Cup, our biodegradable fresh coffee capsule.

Fresh Coffee. At The Push Of A Button.

Mobility means on the go, where conditions and settings change. First, you’re in your car, then you’re at the office, now you’re in a meeting. Avoid the hassle of finding a coffee shop, or drinking 6-hour-old coffee. Use the 12V Car adapter, 110/220V Wall adapter, or Rechargeable Battery with your mojoe™ and brew wherever you are.