Frequently Asked Questions about mojoe™ single serve mobile coffee maker

When will the mojoe™ be available?

mojoe™ will be shipping Fall 2017. Sign up for our newsletter to receive product updates.


Is there anything available like the mojoe™?

Nope, mojoe™ is the first of it’s kind. Most “mobile” coffee makers require you to heat the water prior to brewing, meaning you must first use a microwave or stove, which kind of defeats the purpose of mobile.

Other versions of "mobile" brewers have mobile power, but are one-vessel steepers, and only reach up to 160⁰F (good coffee is always brewed at at least 195⁰F). mojoe™, with its patented VacDrip™ design, is the only mobile coffee maker that heats your water inside the mug and brings you the traditional coffee maker experience on the go.


Does the mojoe™ only brew coffee?

Nope! You can also enjoy freshly brewed tea or hot chocolate on-the-go with mojoe™.


How does the mojoe™ work?

The mojoe™ borrows concepts from siphon coffee brewing and traditional drip brewing, creating a new brewing method called VacDrip™. Learn how VacDrip™ and mojoe™ work together to bring you coffee on the go..


Can I use my own coffee grounds inside the mojoe™?

Absolutely. The mojoe™ is specifically designed for you to brew with your own coffee grounds so that you are not limited by coffee pods or K-cups. But for those that are looking for that extra convenience without sacrificing coffee quality, MoJoe will carry mojoe™ recyclable coffee capsules later this year.


Can I add cream and sugar?

You certainly can. Just add cream and sugar to your mojoe™ before you hit brew. Swirl to stir and enjoy.


How is the mojoe™ powered?

The mojoe™ can be powered via a removable rechargeable battery, a 12V car receptacle (“cigarette lighter”), or a standard wall outlet.


Do I have to boil the water before brewing with the mojoe™?

Nope. The mojoe™ does all of the work for you. Add any temperature water and the mojoe™ will heat it to about 200 degrees Fahrenheit - the perfect temperature for coffee brewing.


How much coffee does the mojoe™ brew?

The mojoe™ brews about 8.5 fluid ounces of coffee - the average size of a “cup” of coffee.


Can I brew more than one cup?

Yes. Brew as many as you want!


How do you drink the coffee from the mojoe™?

Your mojoe™ is designed to be a mobile brewer and mug. So when your coffee is done brewing, you can easily enjoy your coffee directly from the mojoe™ just like a travel mug. Or pour it into you're favorite mug while you're at work.


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