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mojoe™ 110/220V Wall Adapter

$ 29.99
mojoe™ 110/220V Wall Adapter

mojoe™ 110/220V Wall Adapter

$ 29.99

Poor wall adapters – the unsung heroes of the power world. They can be used pretty much anywhere, power virtually all of our things, and then get ignored, while the super cool rechargeable batteries get all of the glory.

But don’t feel bad, wall adapter, you will have your glory day – because eventually, that battery will have to be sidelined while it recharges – then how will they brew?

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  • Whenever you’re out of charge or away from your car adapter, brew on the go with the mojoe™ Wall Adapter. Your mojoe™ is intentionally designed to operate with three different power modes in order to provide maximum flexibility and convenience. Whether you’re in the office or beach hotel, brew and enjoy your favorite cup of coffee with little hassle.


    • An exclusive power plug safely heats your coffee to the proper temperature, per the National Coffee Association
    • All international AC power cord types* are supported so you can brew anywhere in the world
    • *Your order will include the applicable plug for the region from which your order originates, unless otherwise noted in your order. You can include specific notes on your order during the checkout process
  • The mojoe™ Wall Adapter is designed to quickly and safely heat the water inside your mojoe™ to the perfect coffee brewing temperature, until VacDrip™ takes over and brews your fresh, delicious coffee on the go:

    Output Power Range:0W - 120W

    Input Rate Voltage:100V~240V

    Input Current:less than 0.5A

    Saftey Protection:Output and short current protection