Introducing mojoe™, a travel mug-sized portable brewer for coffee and tea on the go

December 18, 2015

by Tea Times


Today, MoJoe Brewing Co. announces the availability of the mojoe™ portable coffee brewer and mug that gives coffee lovers the freedom to brew whenever and wherever with their favorite coffee grounds or mojoe™ To-Go Sticks™. With its portable, all-in-one design, mojoe™ is the most convenient and cost effective way for consumers to brew and enjoy fresh coffee on the go.

MoJoe Brewing Co.'s patented VacDrip™ brewing system within the mojoe™ borrows concepts from vacuum and traditional drip brewing. Designed to brew with any type of coffee grounds, users can pre-load their own coffee, sugar, and creamer into the mojoe™ until they are ready to brew. The mojoe™ is powered via a 12V car adapter, wall adapter, or rechargeable battery, and reaches temperatures up to 200 degrees F to brew a genuine cup of coffee. The mojoe™ also brews tea (loose, bagged, or infused), as well as hot chocolate and other instants.

"mojoe™ allows coffee drinkers to brew on the go when it's convenient – when they're running late, when they're in traffic, or when there's just no fresh coffee around," said MoJoe Brewing Co. Founder and CEO, Joseph Hyman. "mojoe™ is perfect for the coffee lover at work, on the go, or outdoors. mojoe™ doesn't replace your at-home coffee maker, it goes where your coffee maker can't – which is a lot of places."

mojoe™ is now available on Kickstarter starting at a price of $69 (MSRP $99).


Product Specifications

  • Size: 3.0"D (base) x 3.2"D (lid) x 11.4"H (body)
  • Total Volume: 16.5 oz.(water reservoir: 8.25 oz.; brew reservoir: 8.25 oz.)
  • Maintenance: Easy self-cleaning solution
  • Body Material: 100% BPA Free Plastic
  • Other Specifications & Features 
    • One-button start/stop function
    • Separate single-serve reservoirs
    • Safe-start and stop function
    • Power/charge via battery, car charger, or wall outlet
    • Detachable power/charging accessories
    • Separate single-use water and coffee reservoirs
    • Disposable & reusable filters
    • Comfortable non-slip rubber silicone grip
    • LED notifications

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