This travel mug promises to brew coffee on the go

December 21, 2015

by Molly Brown – Geek Wire

 Geek Wire MoJoe Brewing Single Serve Travel Brewer Coffee Maker

Why did this take so long? Finally, someone has invented a mobile coffee brewer that doubles as a travel mug.

Featured on Kickstarter, Baltimore-based MoJoe is a mobile brewing operation that seems to solve the problem of waiting for coffee to brew, flimsy takeout containers, or whipping up a decent brew at your office or while out and about.

It appears to work fairly simply: Add coffee (your own or their packets) and water to the thermos, power it up via plugging it into an outlet, car charger or rechargeable battery pack, and press a button to brew.

As MoJoe’s creators Joseph Hyman and Alexandre Wing tell us in the video, the VacDrop system (see the video on how that works below), was built to “accommodate a coffee drinker on the go.”

“If you’re riding a bike, or brewing while MoJoe is in your backpack, by the time you get to the end of your ride, MoJoe will brew just the same,” says Hyman in the video.

See more details on its design below:

Gee Wire MoJoe Brewing Single Serve Travel Brewer Coffee Maker

About 235 backers have contributed more than $25,000 to date, with 39 days in the campaign to go. A pledge of $79 will secure a MoJoe starter kit with thermos, reusable filter and a charger for the wall or car. It is expected to deliver by May 2016.

Learn more about how MoJoe’s patented VacDrip system, a combination of vacuum brewing and regular drip systems, works below:


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