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The Future of Coffee is Mobile [Product Update]

The Future of Coffee is Mobile [Product Update]

We are increasingly living in a world where mobility is critical to our daily lives. Earlier this year, Kayla Auffermann of the National Coffee Association reflected on mobility in the lives of coffee drinkers, writing, "It’s important to note that [the shift to out-of-home coffee consumption] is not only a question of preference, but also a reflection of our increasingly mobile (and WiFi-dependent) lifestyles: ultimately, people drink coffee where and when works for them."

As we enter 2019, many coffee brands are heeding to this trend and barreling towards more mobile friendly products and services. Dunkin' Brands (who recently dropped the 'Donuts' in an effort to move toward beverage-led retail) has been launching mobile products that cater to the customer on-the-go. The company launched an On-The-Go Mobile Ordering App and a drive-thru lane just for mobile orders, one of the first in the industry. 

As a part of their recent growth strategy, Starbucks Corporation has put major focus on their digital footprint, "opening the App’s Mobile-Order-and-Pay capabilities to non-Starbucks Rewards members [and unveiling] a series of campaigns – inside and outside stores – designed to build personalized digital relationships with customers that create new revenue opportunities."

The Market Is Ready for a Portable Brewer

MoJoe Brewing Co. created the mojoe™ Mobile Brewer to accommodate time-crunched professionals, commuters, and coffee lovers and is expected to share the on-the-go coffee space with brands such as Dunkin', Starbucks, and Keurig Green Mountain. In the next 5-10 years, as mobile coffee consumption continues to rise, the mojoe™ Mobile Brewer will be commonplace in homes and workplaces.  

Even more, as self-driving car technology becomes more commonplace, so will in-car brewing, as driverless cars turn lost commuting time into quality time. Your morning coffee may be very different in a few years.

Keep Calm and Brew in 2019

The mojoe Mobile Brewer will be here this year: we are projecting pre-order shipments and product launch this Fall 2019. As we gear up for launch, we will hone in on exact dates and confirm addresses. If you are a current pre-order customer, please feel free to reach out to confirm your order.

Recent product developments have led to a more robust brewer, prioritizing performance, portability, durability:

    • Manufacturing has entered its last stages and final performance and quality testing will occur Q1 2019. 
    • Tests related to upgraded heating technology and decreased brewing time are ongoing, with a goal of reducing brewing time by 20%.
    • mojoe™ Rechargeable Battery design development will be complete in Q1 2019. The design is expected to feature a detached lithium ion battery unit, capable of two brews with the mojoe™ Mobile Brewer.

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