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How We Carried 110 lbs Through New York City

How We Carried 110 lbs Through New York City

Our train was set to leave at 3:55 am at Baltimore Penn arriving at New York Penn at 6:30 am. In our heads we already counted a nice 2.5 hours of sleep. That was the least of our worry though, we had a 110 lb. bag to carry with us.

It had our clothes, booth banners, and other supplies. Let's put it this way, 110 lbs is roughly equal to:

  • 110 packages of Bacon

  • 22 Mr. Coffee 12-cup Coffee Maker

  • 5,000 BTU air conditioner

But we’re smart guys, so we quickly decided on the rucksack method, where each arm feeds through the handles, so that the bag is now on your backside, like a book bag. I was first to carry it, it was heavy, but I felt manly, so I didn't complain.

Down the stairs--cautiously--into the car and to the train station we go.

Before dozing off, I noticed a nice spot to brew coffee on the go. On the train, using the wall outlet: 



After 2.5 hours of sleep, witnessing a cab stand accident the second we exited Penn Station in NY, and subsequently taking a cab to the convention center, we arrived at our destination: CoffeeFest NY 2016 at the Jacob Javits Center.



Inside we picked up our trade show badges, dropped our 110 lb. bag at its resting destination, and unpacked everything for our 10x10 ft. booth. 




With everything set up, we were ready to demo. We brewed with bottles of Poland Spring water that was at room temperature, Peet's Coffee, and the wall adapter.



What we get within 8 minutes: Steam!



And shortly after, COFFEE! It was like turning water into wine coffee



Attendees would stop and say "Okay...a mobile coffeemaker...you've got my attention."



So we served samples. For the most part our samplers enjoyed it, there were a couple of nay sayers, but that was because of the coffee we had to offer, Peet's Dark Roast, we were forgiving, dark roast isn't for everyone, we understand.

Overall, we had a positive response. 



Needless to say, we enjoyed our time lugging a 110 lb on our backs through New York to Coffee Fest 2016. 

It wasn't until we made it back to Baltimore, that we learned the weight of 110 lbs could easily be split in half by each of us carrying one strap.