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We've Hit $50,000

We've Hit $50,000

Wow! Thank you all so much for rallying behind the mojoe™.

Roughly 20 days into the campaign, together, we’ve: 

  • Hit our goal ($20,000) in under 5 days 
  • UNLOCKED the freebie of any colored grip for all Backers 
  • UNLOCKED the To-Go Sticks subscription for your convenience 
  • Seen MoJoe Brewing Co. featured in numerous publications such as The Huffington Post, The Washington Post, Baltimore Business Journal, Gizmag, Geekwire, Trusted Reviews and many more

We’ve also shown you: 

  • How to prep and clean your mojoe™ through our Visual Guide - Update #9 
  • And how to power up with mojoe™ - Update #8

Now, with 24 Days To Go...

We have passed the $50,000 pledge mark (unlocking more goodies) with 445+ backers supporting this project, we couldn’t be more thankful. We look forward to crushing it some more.

Your MoJoe Brewing Team!