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8 EDC Items You Need to Survive the Harsh Winter We’re About to Have

8 EDC Items You Need to Survive the Harsh Winter We’re About to Have

Originally Posted by Ashley Timms of Gadget Flow

While the first sight of snow might send you into hiding, there’s no escaping the harshly low temperatures and freezing weather conditions of winter. Whether your time in the cold is a freezing commute or on a mountainside, great gear will see you through.

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Despite its timely arrival year after year, the harsh cold of winter never ceases to catch us off guard. The bitter cold is unyielding with its sharp wind and icy conditions. One look out your window mid-January might even send you into hibernation.

But, there’s no fun in locking yourself indoors. Stick to your active lifestyle by rocking these eight must-see EDC items to help you survive the winter.

KICKCHARGE Pre-Charged Emergency Smartphone Charger

It’s known that low temperatures drain your battery faster than normal. Don’t get caught out with a dead phone – instead, keep the KICKCHARGE Pre-Charged Emergency Smartphone Charger nearby. Unlike traditional power banks, KICKCHARGE comes fully charged and ready to use. It fits comfortably in your pocket and provides up to 50% more battery for your smartphone.

Embr Wave Wearable Personal Thermostat

This wearable helps you warm up or cool down, making you feel more comfortable in any situation. By simply pressing a button, Embr Wave instantly provides you with a shot of thermal relief. It directly cools or warms the temperature-sensitive part of your wrist for efficient and immediate effects. 

Be more comfortable in any weather

Comfort Touch – Ultra Fast Invisible Heating Scarf

Add extra warmth with the Comfort Touch – Ultra Fast Invisible Heating Scarf. Available in a generous size, the ultra-wearable scarf comes with an integrated heat panel. Made from soft wool, it warms you up in just 20 seconds.

Mujjo 3M Thinsulate Touchscreen Gloves

These five-finger touchscreen-enabled gloves feature a stretchy profile that comfortably fits your hand. Designed to work in any situation, the touchscreen gloves use a fabric with a high conductive treatment. Similarly, the glove mimics our skin’s conductive properties, allowing it to work with all touchscreens while keeping you cozy.

They fit comfortably

MiMeng Smart Heated Insoles

Compatible with any shoes, these resizable insoles are controlled via Bluetooth to provide the right amount of warmth at any time. Offering manual and automatic heat control, the MiMeng insoles are easily controlled from your smartphone to keep the winter chill at bay.

Rone Mini Portable Heater

This device combines a mini heater and detachable hand warmer in one, helping you to keep warm whether you’re your desk or on the go. It’s ideal for anyone whose hands are the first body part to succumb to the cold. Featuring a compact and portable design, the heater quickly warms up so you can use it anytime, anywhere.

Sound Huggle Wireless Headphone Earmuffs

The Sound Huggle is a set of earmuffs with a built-in audio system. Or, it’s a set of headphones with built-in earmuffs. Either way, the compact design is wonderfully comfortable and will keep you nice and warm no matter the weather.

The built-in audio system makes these earmuffs unique

mojoe™ – Coffee Maker + Travel Mug

Using any temperature water, your own coffee grounds, and power from a car adapter, wall adapter, or rechargeable battery, mojoe™ heats your water to coffee brewing temperatures and brews fresh coffee using a new innovative brewing process called VacDrip™. A hot cup is just moments away no matter where you go.


Which of these will you be carrying every day this winter? Share with us in the comments below.


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