Conveniently Brew Fresh Coffee Anywhere, Anytime

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Get More Done with mojoe™

  • 4 Ways mojoe™ makes you better

    Provides a Convenient Source of Energy

    With mojoe™ in arms reach. You're never too far away from a fresh jolt of energy — it's crunchtime.

  • 4 Ways mojoe™ makes you better

    Helps You Get Back to What's Important

    No need to leave the office or worry about long coffee lines. Guess what? Your day has just become that more productive.

  • 4 Ways mojoe™ makes you better

    Looks Downright Cool

    Its a mobile coffee maker! People are going to ask questions. You don't have to share if you don't want to.

  • 4 Ways mojoe™ makes you better

    Helps You Realize Your Potential

    With the enormous amount of time your saving and increase in productivity, it's time to take it to the next level.

Shipping 2021

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Take Back Your Time

Stop waiting on your barista or co-worker to make your coffee — take back your time and easily brew when you want, where you want.

Business man in car on cell phone holding mojoe™ Portable Single Cup Coffee Machine

Kick The Daily Coffee Costs

mojoe™ is just like your coffee maker at home, but portable — so enjoy your favorite coffee on the go, while experiencing the same savings as brewing at home.

Young millennial couple in park laughing and enjoying coffee from mojoe™ Portable Single Serve Coffee Maker

Boost Your Productivity

When you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to get coffee, you can spend more time doing what’s important.

Busy woman driving car and commuting while brewing with mojoe™ Mobile In Car Coffee Maker

Get The Latest in Coffee Maker Tech

At first, it looks like a travel mug, but then, you pour any temperature water into it, press a button and fresh hot coffee comes out. Mind blown.

Enjoy Good, Fresh Coffee

Built from the ground up, mojoe™ sticks to coffee brewing principles to deliver the best cup of coffee you've had from a travel mug in a long time.

How It Works

Similar to your drip coffee maker at home, all you need is water, coffee, and power.

  • Take A Peek Inside

    Using our patented technology — VacDrip™ Brewing Technology — we're able to get your clunky coffee maker into a sleek travel mug.

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    Top of mojoe™ Single Serve Mobile Brewer
  • Add Water To One Side

    Cold filtered water is best, but we know you're busy, just grab the bottled water and lets get brewing.

  • Add Coffee To The Filter

    Alternatively To-Go Cups™ offer freshness, recyclability and convenience, by shipping straight to your door.

  • Plug In & Brew

    mojoe™ brews 8 oz. of fresh coffee in 10 minutes. When it’ done brewing, enjoy directly from the mojoe™ — or pour it into your favorite coffee mug and brew another!

Designed For Mobility

Conveniently use your own coffee or mojoe™ To-Go Cups to brew fresh coffee on the go.

  • Self-Cleaning

    Clean your mojoe for the next brew or the next day with the brewers self-cleaning mode.

  • Heats Any Temperature Water

    No need to add hot water to your mojoe™, you can use any temperature water from practically any source.

  • Multiple Power Options

    Designed for mobility, multiple power options gives you the freedom and flexibility to brew and enjoy your coffee wherever your day takes you.

  • No-Hassle Compact Design

    Easily use mojoe™ anywhere from your car, to your desk, to your studio apartment. With one-button operation, and mobility-first design, you can effortlessly brew anywhere.

mojoe™ Car Starter Bundle

Equipped with everything you need to start brewing during your car commute. 

Shipping 2021

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MoJoe Brewing Co. successfully completed their equity crowdfunding round raise with 90+ investors.

mojoe In The Press

"mojoe™ is a mobile coffee maker that takes traditional, at-home coffee making techniques and innovates the concept in a way that lets you brew coffee in a brand new way – while you travel or commute to work."

"Getting out the door each morning for dawn patrol or, you know, a 9-to-5, just got easier thanks to mojoe™ — a coffee maker housed in a travel mug."

"For that afternoon kick, brew a cup at your desk and never make small talk in the office kitchen again."

"Sometimes you just don't have time to brew a cup of coffee before running out the door. That's where the MoJoe mobile brewer comes in."

"...a travel mug that brews the coffee right inside itself..."

"ChefSteps co-founder Chris Young awarded the Excellence in Design award to MoJoe Brewing."