mojoe™ is a travel mug-sized portable brewer that brews your fresh coffee and tea on-the-go.


Everything you need to take your daily brewing experience on-the-go with you.




The Brewprint

How Does VacDrip™ Work?

November 23, 2015

See how VacDrip™ works in our video below. Enjoy.

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mojoe™ Is On It's Way

July 31, 2015

It's almost here!!! In less than a month, pre-order customers  will be receiving the first mojoe™ mobile brewers and review models will be going out to media & retailers. In September, mojoe™ will be available via and you guys will get first access to limited Early Bird Rewards discounts.  KickstarterWe created mojoe™ almost two years ago and launched our first crowdfunding campaign about one year ago. That didn't turn exactly how we anticipated, but we're not quitters  – also it's painfully obvious that someone needs to make a mobile brewer/coffee maker – so we persevered through a multitude of challenges and achieved the prototyping, engineering, and testing required to make mojoe™ a reality.Now, we're re-launching  on Kickstarter this September...

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In 3D Print We Trust

March 24, 2015

Finalizing the Reusable Filter Basket We have relied heavily on the 3D Print process to test our ideas, concepts, and final models. That is because 3D printing provides a low-cost solution to translating our designs to real-life pieces and parts. Now, we are using 3D printing to complete the design of the mojoe™ filter basket, a reusable and washable filter that brews your coffee perfectly!   How the mojoe™  Reusable Coffee Filter Works Use the tab on the end of the filter to scoop your coffee grounds into the filter basket. The semi-circle design fits right into the top ofmojoe™, wrapping around the opening of the water reservoir. There is a small ledge where the filter basket rests. The siphon, inside of the water reservoir,...

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