Don't you think it's time your coffee pot went

Perfect for your job, car, commute, or road trip, mojoeâ„¢ is made to wake you up and get you going anywhere you choose to enjoy your coffee.
With it's portable, all-in-one design, the places where you can now brew your coffee are limitless with mojoe™.

You should have coffee when you want it.

mojoe's™ compartmental design keeps your coffee ingredients and your freshly brewed coffee separate so that you can easily load your coffee grounds, water, sugar, and creamer ahead of time, and cleanly store them until you are ready to brew.

Coffee at your fingertips.

mojoe™ makes a fresh cup of your favorite coffee with a push of a button, and when it's done brewing, conveniently converts into a travel mug so that you can enjoy your cup of joe directly from the device.

Take mojoe™ anywhere.


You ask, we tell, here is everything you want to know about mojoe™.

Available in several colors

Whether your matching your energy level or choosing your favorite color, you can find mojoe™ in the latest colors.


mojoe™ reusable filters have a scoop design that makes it easy to scoop, store, and brew your own coffee whenever you're ready.


Patent pending mojoe™ brewing technology provides a perfect cup of coffee every time.


An innovative water boiler design heats room temperature water to the optimum coffee brewing temperature.


Power-up mojoe™ anywhere using a car charger, wall outlet, or rechargeable battery.


Safe-start and auto-off technology protects you from accidental spillage while the mojoe™ is on and brewing.


A slim, ergonomic design makes it easy to carry, store, or fit mojoe™ in your car's cup holder.

About Us

MoJoe Brewing Company is a Baltimore, MD based, tech start-up creating innovative mobile coffee solutions. We love coffee and want to make getting coffee convenient and effortless.

We created MoJoe Brewing Company for you, the coffee lover. We are committed to providing you with quality and innovative products to help you enjoy your coffee anytime and anywhere.

Meet The Team

Joseph Hyman

Founder and Engineer

Alexandre Wing


Ezekiel Kolajo

Co-Founder and Engineer

Jingrui Wang


Brew when and where you want

Because you are a coffee drinker and you need coffee now.